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Best Studio, 3-15Barbara Brown has traveled the world since being miraculously healed of muscular dystrophy. As the guest of kings and presidents, she has brought the “Realm of the Miraculous” from palaces to boardrooms, from the White House to the whorehouse, and everywhere in between.

When Barbara shows up, miracles happen!

Barbara is the author or co-author of four books, available on Amazon and through her web site: BarbaraBrown.com/books.

Learn more at BarbaraBrown.com.


Dr. Tom Taylor takes over 40 years of passion for and study of the scriptures, and blows the lid off 2,000 years of traditional beliefs about who God really is, who we really are to Him, what His purpose really is, why we’re really here, and why it’s really important to know!

In addition to a passionate student of the scriptures, Dr. Taylor has been a wellness doctor since 1990. He’s been taking the “hell” out of health care by focusing on solutions that restore, sustain, and improve health and well-being 100% of the time. “Anything less,” he says, “means you are someone’s science experiment.”

Dr. Taylor has trained hundreds of specialists and the public in the principles and procedures of bio-energetic healing, pH balance, and practical nutrition. He is the author or co-author of four books, available on Amazon and through BarbaraBrown.com/books.


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    1. Indeed! The picture of God carrying an offering to man, rather than the other way around is truly unprecedented and holy. Unfortunately, its significance has been missed since the end of the first century. I’m glad that the revelation of God’s approach present touched you.

  1. These studies are life changing! May I please have the link to the Dropbox folder for the complete set of LUTS recordings? Thank you.