Jammie Church

Where “Come as You Are Takes on a Whole New Meaning”

Jammie Church is for hungry souls for whom the “Big Box” church doesn’t quite answer their need.

Since we ARE the church, why leave home when we can meet with God in front of the fire, under the covers, or in the woods?

In the first century, informal gatherings of people, known as “ecclesias” (the Greek word simply meant “called out”), people met from house to house. The ecclesia today can meet without ever leaving home…without even getting out of bed!

Join me on a live video stream! Fix yourself a cup of coffee or tea, add a piece of toast, light a fire, fluff up the pillows, or take a walk in the woods with your smart phone in hand.

God is waiting, so just show up — even in your jammies.

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See you there!

Meanwhile . . .

Make Today Matter! (Psalm 90:12)