The answer is YES. What’s the question?

Yes!A new General Manager assembled all of the employees of a company I worked at, which had just been purchased by a large multi-national group. He said, “This is our guiding principle: The answer is Yes. What’s the question?

This same principle applies to heeding the Father’s word.

When the Father spoke to me for the first time in a very long time (More than 15 years! That’s what disobedience will get you: His silence and the absence of His presence!), He said, Say yes to this, ‘cause it’s not coming around again.From that moment on, the only answer to The Father’s word is “Yes and AMEN!” Within two and a half months, He delivered me out of a hellish relationship; put me together with my mate, and we began a breakneck-speed ride with our Father!

When the Father speaks, you know it’s His voice, and you know instantly that He’s not waiting forever for you to decide to heed what you just heard. When you hear your Father’s voice, heed Him. Do what He says. Act immediately, not later, and watch Him show up and show off, like He did after He ascended:

Now these signs shall fully follow in those who believe: In My name they shall be casting out demons; they will be speaking in new languages; they will be picking up serpents; and if they should be drinking anything deadly, it should under no circumstances be harming them; they will be placing hands on those who are ailing, and ideally will they be having it.” The Lord, indeed, then, after speaking with them, was taken up into heaven and is seated at the right hand of God. Now they, coming away, herald everywhere, the Lord working together with them and confirming the word by the signs following them up. (Mark 16:17-20)

The Lord will work together with you too, confirming His word with signs and wonders. The principle and pattern is alive today.

Here’s a personal example of what happens when we delay acting on the Father’s message:

I learned of an upcoming relative’s marriage six months before the date. No sooner did we get the news than my wife said, “We’re not going.” Five months later, I was still waiting to hear from the Lord, during which time I fielded multiple calls from my mother and sisters, who wondered whether we were coming to the wedding and why I couldn’t give a simple “Yes.”

I heard the Lord’s voice on awakening one morning, only three weeks before the wedding: If the answer had been yes, I would have told you long before now.”

If the Lord isn’t speaking to you directly, don’t think He’s not speaking at all. Like it or not, you might have a blind spot or two, and will deliver His word through someone, like your spouse. If you can’t hear Him through someone He’s using, you may not be able to hear Him at all; worse yet, He may stop talking altogether and, trust me on this, that’s just plain miserable!

My wife boils this down to its essence: “Just hear God and Do what He says.” She’s right. The truth is, it really is that simple.

Blessings and joy in the journey.

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