Light Up the Scriptures

Welcome to an honest exploration of the inspired word of God, called “Light Up the Scriptures.

A live teleconference took place every Tuesday night at 8:00pm Eastern Time for 42 consecutive months. The study was undertaken not by theologians, but by earnest students of the scriptures with a passion for the word of God and an openness to a fresh perspective.

Below are links to some of the audio recordings of our studies. Feel free to Contact Me for a “Dropbox” folder containing the complete library of Light Up The Scriptures. (set up your free account here: Dropbox)

NOTE: If an audio link doesn’t work, your browser may not be compatible (Chrome and Safari have known issues).

The complete archive of more than 180 Light Up The Scriptures recordings, many with notes in PDF format, is available in a “Dropbox” folder. Feel free to Contact Me for a direct link.

Blessings and Joy in the journey.

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