Jammie Church

JAMMIE CHURCH is for those who are looking for the real Jesus, and for whom the “Big Box” church may not answer the cries of their hearts.

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Since we ARE the church, why leave home when the Body of Christ can meet with God in front of the fire, under the covers, or in the woods? Perhaps it doesn’t require a building especially set aside for that purpose.

In the earliest days of Christian history, people met from house to house. The groups, known as “ecclesias” (or “ekklesias,” if you prefer — the Greek word simply meant “called out”) were more or less informal assemblies of people for a common purpose.

The ecclesia today can meet without ever leaving home…without even getting out of bed! So, you’re invited to “meet” others in the Body of Christ by teleconference, and one day, as the Lord leads, by live video stream.

Jammie Church is individuals and families coming together from the comfort of their own homes. It’s a spontaneous party with Jesus and our Father…how fun! At Jammie Church, the common purpose for the ecclesia is worshiping the Lord and feeding God’s kids.

Barbara Brown is the pastor, and, well, this just isn’t regular church by a long shot! The order is set and the direction is determined by the Holy Spirit as it flows freely.

So, what do you say? Are you game to try something new and see what the Lord will do when we throw off the traditions of the elders (Mark 7:3) — with all due respect — and worship “in spirit and in truth (John 4:24)?

“We listened to 2 hours of your [recent] sermon on Jammie Church–Preach it, Sister!” (J.M., MO)

At Jammie Church, God meets with His kids and “come as you are” takes on a whole new meaning! Fix yourself a cup of coffee, tea — make it strong, like the word you’ll hear at Jammie Church add a piece of toast, light a fire, fluff up the pillows, or take a walk in the woods with your cell phone in hand. God is waiting, so just show up — in your jammies, if you like. Put your life in His hands, where there is all pardon, all comfort, all safety, total love, in the name of Jesus Christ, and in the presence of the Father of us all.

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The Evolution of “The Church” (Author unknown)

  • It began in Jerusalem as a fellowship
  • It moved to Greece and became a philosophy
  • It moved to Rome and became an institution
  • It moved to Europe and became a religion
  • It moved to America and became a business
  • It’s supposed to be the body of Christ
  • A body that does business is a prostitute
  • Let’s go back to being a fellowship!

Years ago, the Lord told Barbara“When I’m free to do what I want, no place will hold them.” In this digital age, that word is quickly coming to pass!

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Blessings and joy in the journey.